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Masters Swimming is all about promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle in a fun and supportive way.

When you join your local masters swim club you are linking up with a group of like-minded people who may, or may not, be into swimming fast; but are into getting fit, and enjoying every minute of it. Most members swim two to three times per week for fitness and health, it’s certainly not all about competition. The beauty is you can make of it what you want. Set yourself a goal and go for it!

If you like to compete in swim meets, there are plenty of inter-club meets each year plus there are fun pop-up events. Some swimmers sign up to a Masters swim club to get ready for an ocean swim and stay on because it’s fun, social, and good for their health. Some members love to race and step up to the challenge of competing in the World Masters Swimming championships so you can indulge your passion as you travel the world! But you don’t have to be a superstar swimmer. It’s about staying in shape, meeting like-minded fitness buddies and enjoying the experience.


1st November 203-31st December 2024 - $120

Over 80 $75

Allows members to swim at Taree Torpedoes Swim Club nights along with any Masters Swimming Events

Taree Torpedoes Master Records are now incorporated into our

Long CourseClub Records & Short Course Club Records

(When Swimmers swim at our club nights they will be swimming against swimmers who have similar times to their own, our focus is on swimming against and improving your own times not winning races)

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